6-8 Feb 2017


Joakim Eriksson

Joakim Eriksson, SICS Swedish ICT

Joakim Eriksson is a IoT researcher in the Networked Embedded Systems group at SICS Swedish ICT. Joakim's current focus is on enabling standard based IP-communication on resource constrained devices and has been active in recent standardization within IETF and IPSO Alliance.

Ioannis Glaropoulos

Ioannis Glaropoulos, Nordic Semiconductor ASA

Ioannis Glaropoulos is a senior embedded software engineer working at Nordic Semiconductor. His primary focus is on Bluetooth Smart core stack design and development for Nordic nRF5x series of ICs. He is active in the Bluetooth SIG Core Specification Working Group (CSWG). Previously he has held IoT research and engineering positions in the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) and Walt Disney Research Labs. His research interests include low-power wireless & mesh network protocols for the Internet of Things.

(PDF) Presentation: Revolutionizing the IoT with Bluetooth 5

Kevin Hoyt

Kevin Hoyt, IBM

Kevin Hoyt works at IBM where he focuses on cloud services, the Internet of Things, and cognitive applications. In nearly a decade of promoting IoT, Kevin has presented hands-on workshops and sessions to professionals and STEAM programs around the world. Based in Denver, CO, Kevin enjoys desktop fabrication (CNC, 3D printing, laser cutting), and general aviation in his free time.

Keynote: Crossing the IoT Chasm

Joachim Lindborg

Joachim Lindborg, Sustainable Innovation

IoT specialist making systems cooperate to enhance values and create new services. Likes innovative thinking and the next Internet of Things wave. Creating a better world through smarter technologies Dedicated to innovative technologies around energy efficiency, visualisations and smart energyusage and the emerging technologies for advanced energy control both in private and in commercial with the drive towards smart customers on a global market.

Hands-on Lab: IoT interaction Create an Energy and IoT mobile app in an afternoon


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