Andrey Adamovich

Andrey Adamovich, Aestas/IT

Andrey Adamovich is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. He is passionate about defining good development practices, documenting and presenting architecture, reuse of code and design patterns, profiling and analysis of application performance as well as extreme automation of development and operations activities. Andrey has Master Degree in Computer Science from Latvian State University. Andrey is one of the authors of Groovy 2 Cookbook.

Hands-on lab: Dockerized Java

Presentation: Visualizing Java code bases

Gojko Adzic

Gojko Adzic, Neuri Consulting LLP

Gojko Adzic is a strategic software delivery consultant who works with ambitious teams to improve the quality of their software products and processes. He specialises in agile and lean quality improvement, in particular agile testing, specification by example and behaviour driven development.Gojko's book Specification by Example was awarded the #2 spot on the top 100 agile books for 2012 and won the Jolt Award for the best book of 2012. In 2011, he was voted by peers as the most influential agile testing professional, and his blog won the UK agile award for the best online publication in 2010.

Presentation: Migrating to serverless -- an experience report

Anders Ahlgren

Anders Ahlgren, Mercur Solutions AB

Anders works at Mercur Solutions AB, a Stockholm based company which offers solution for economic applications, such as reporting, analysis, budgeting and forecasting. In particular, he is chief architect of the non-relational database at the core of Mercur's product, and is also responsible for Mercur's own scripting language. He started studying programming languages and compilers in his mid teens, and has been programming in a large number of different languages for 30+ years, the last 10 mostly Java. He holds a Master's in computer science, as well as a PhD in mathematical logic. He is especially interested in structuring code and data to allow for efficient and clean solutions, but is not afraid to sacrifice "clean" for "fast" in the small fraction of code where that really matters.

Presentation: Don't bore your cores!

Johan Andrén

Johan Andrén, Lightbend

Johan Andrén is a senior developer and member of the Akka Team at Lightbend based out of Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working as a consultant and mentor around Scala, Akka and Play Framework the last 5 years and Java the last 10. In his spare time he co-organizes Scala Usergroup Stockholm and when not in front of a keyboard he enjoys mountainbiking and bouldering.

Presentation: Asynchronous stream processing with Akka Streams

Monica Beckwith

Monica Beckwith, Code Karam LLC

Monica Beckwith is an independent performance consultant optimizing customer applications and systems running the Java Virtual Machine. She has worked with Java HotSpot VM optimizing the JIT Compiler, the generated code, the JVM heuristics and garbage collection and collectors. Monica is a regular speaker at various conferences and has several published articles on topics including garbage collection, the Java memory model and others. Monica led Oracle's Garbage First Garbage Collector performance team, and was named a JavaOne Rock Star. Monica also co-authored the 'Java Performance Companion' book. Monica was recently considered one of the influential women in Java and Scala: http://blog.takipi.com/10-influential-women-in-java-scala-and-everything-in-between/

Presentation: Java 9 - Beyond Contention!

Tutorial: VM Tech Summit, part II

Presentation: Write Barriers in Garbage First Garbage Collector

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin, Oracle

Stephen Chin is the Lead Java Community Manager at the Oracle Technology Network, author of Raspberry Pi with Java, co-author of Pro JavaFX Platform, and JavaOne Community Chair. He has keynoted numerous Java conferences around the world including JavaOne, where he is a 5-time Rock Star Award recipient. Stephen is an avid motorcyclist who has done several Pan-European evangelism tours, interviewing hackers in their natural habitat and posting the videos on http://nighthacking.com/. When he is not traveling, he enjoys teaching kids how to do embedded and robot programming together with his 13 year old daughter.

Presentation: RetroPi Reloaded - Arcade Machine on Raspberry Pi

Stephen Colebourne

Stephen Colebourne, OpenGamma

Stephen Colebourne has coded Java since JDK 1.0 and been an open source advocate since 2000. His day job with OpenGamma allows him to build open source market risk software for the finance industry (Strata). He is best known for his work on date and time, developing Joda-Time and leading JSR-310 that created the Java 8 java.time.* package. He also contributes to OpenJDK discussions and tries to guide Java forward. He is a Java Champion and JavaOne Rock Star speaker.

Presentation: Java SE 8 best practices

Breandan Considine

Breandan Considine

Breandan is a software engineer and developer advocate. He enjoys machine learning, speaking at conferences, and learning from other software developers.

Tutorial: Deep Learning on Java

Agnes Crepet

Agnes Crepet, Ninja Squad

Agnes is an activist. A Java activist first and foremost! For 15 years, she has enjoyed building Java architectures and implementing them. She co-founded Ninja-Squad, a team of passionate developers, proudly building software, with Java and JS. She works also for an Engineering school on Web programming courses and Agile pedagogy. She has been nominated Java Champion in 2012. Because she also enjoys learning and sharing, she's very active in the community. She was the leader of the Lyon Java User Group for 5 years. Now she leads Duchess France, a group that connects women in IT and aims to give more visibility to female developers and hopefully inspire role models. She also organizes the Mix-IT conference, mixing Java, trendy technologies and Agility, which she co-founded.

Presentation: Become a ninja with Angular 2

Sebastian Daschner

Sebastian Daschner, IT-Beratung

Sebastian Daschner is a Java freelancer working as a Consultant / Software Developer / Architect and is enthusiastic about programming and Java (EE). He is participating in the JCP, serving in the JSR 370 Expert Group and hacking on various open source projects on Github. He is a Java Champion and has been working with Java for more than 6 years. Besides Java, Sebastian is also a heavy user of Linux and container technologies like Docker. He evangelizes computer science practices on https://blog.sebastian-daschner.com and on Twitter via @DaschnerS.

Presentation: Putting Hypermedia Back in REST

David Delabassee

David Delabassee, Oracle

David Delabassée is a Software Evangelist working for Oracle; his primary focus is Java on the Server-Side, i.e. Java Enterprise Edition. Prior to Oracle, David spent a decade at Sun Microsystems focusing on Java and related technologies and developer tools. In his various roles, David has been involved in numerous Java projects since the early days of this technology. David lives in Belgium. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games with his daughter and tinkering with technologies such as Home Automation, 3D printers, electronics and pinballs.

Presentation: Java EE 8 and Java EE 9 - What's coming?

Vyacheslav Egorov

Vyacheslav Egorov, Google

Vyacheslav Egorov is a software engineer at Google Aarhus. He is primarily focused on the technology behind virtual machines and compilers, contributing to Dart VM, LuaJIT and V8 JavaScript engine. Before joining Google he worked on a Java VM with an ahead-of-time compiler at Excelsior LLC.

Tutorial: VM Tech Summit, part I

Presentation: What I learned from LuaJIT

Joakim Eriksson

Joakim Eriksson, SICS Swedish ICT

Joakim Eriksson is a IoT researcher in the Networked Embedded Systems group at SICS Swedish ICT. Joakim's current focus is on enabling standard based IP-communication on resource constrained devices and has been active in recent standardization within IETF and IPSO Alliance.

Hands-on lab: Instant IoT - Open Source Standard Based IoT Device Development

Cédric Exbrayat

Cédric Exbrayat, Ninja Squad

Cédric is one of the co-founder of Ninja Squad. He mainly writes code in JavaScript and Java (or TypeScript and another JVM language). He was the leader of the Java User Group of Lyon, France for 7 years and is still one of the organizers of the Mix-IT conference. He also wrote two ebooks on Angular, and spends a big part of his time training teams in Angular 2 and helping companies around the world with this framework.

Presentation: Become a ninja with Angular 2

Viktor Gamov

Viktor Gamov, Hazelcast

Viktor Gamov is a Senior Solution Architect at Hazelcast, the leading open-source in-memory data grid (IMDG). Viktor has comprehensive knowledge and expertise in enterprise application architecture leveraging open source technologies. He has helped leading organizations build low latency, scalable and highly available distributed systems. He is co-organizer of Princeton JUG and New York Hazelcast User Group. He is a co-author of O’Reilly's “Enterprise Web Development”. Viktor’s presenting at the conferences (http://lanyrd.com/gamussa), blogging and producing a podcast. Follow Viktor on Twitter @gamussa.

Presentation: Java Puzzlers NG S02: Down the rabbit hole

Presentation: Riding the Jet Streams

Todd Gardner

Todd Gardner, TrackJS

Todd H. Gardner is a long-time Web Developer, trainer, and consultant. He believes in simple tools and systems over trends, and testing balanced against risk. His experience includes building (and rebuilding) large distributed systems, complex software products, and launching startups.

Tutorial: Debugging Browser JavaScript

Presentation: JavaScript's Most Wanted

Lars Marius Garshol

Lars Marius Garshol, Schibsted

Lars Marius is a software engineer at Schibsted. He was responsible for building parts of the data collection pipeline and parts of the data analytics platform. Earlier he worked as a public sector consultant at Bouvet, and on developing an enterprise data integration and search platform at Sesam. He's also been an open source developer for many, many years, and for about a decade was editor for a number of ISO standards. He's also a researcher and author on traditional farmhouse ale.

Presentation: 700 million events a day

Wendy Ginsberg

Wendy Ginsberg, Google

Wendy is a Product Manager on the Polymer team at Google in San Francisco, California. She has worked on web projects ranging from hardware e-commerce to real estate. Prior to Google, Wendy studied Computer Science at Brown University, where she focused on Data Science and Telepresence Robotics.

Presentation: Building Progressive Web Apps with Polymer*

Tugdual Grall

Tugdual Grall, MapR Technologies

Tugdual Grall is a Technical Evangelist at MapR, an open source advocate and a passionate developer. He currently works with the European developer communities to ease MapR, Hadoop and NoSQL adoption. Before joining MapR, Tug was Technical Evangelist at MongoDB and Couchbase. Tug has also worked as CTO at eXo Plaform and JavaEE product manager, and software engineer at Oracle. Tugdual is Co-Founder of the Nantes JUG (Java User Group) that holds since 2008 monthly meeting about Java ecosystem. Tugdual also writes a blog available at http://tgrall.github.io/

Hands-on lab: Build a Time Series Application with Spark Streaming, Kafka and HBase

Presentation: Fast Cars, Big Data - How Streaming Can Help Formula 1

Rabea Gransberger

Rabea Gransberger, MEKO-S

Rabea studied computer science and got a diploma in 2008. She is co-leading the software development department and is working as a software engineer on various projects at MEKO-S. Her main focus is on keeping the code base clean and educating the team on how to write better code. Rabea is a well known speaker at conferences and user groups around the world. She started the Java user group Bremen in 2012 and is part of the organisation team ever since. Besides software development she likes to watch football games in the local Weserstadium.

Presentation: Functional Libraries for Java 8

René Gröschke

René Gröschke, Gradle Inc.

Apart on working on the Gradle core, René for supports teams all over the world to deliver better software faster by giving in depth Gradle classes and providing remote and onsite support on implementing software automation, continuous delivery and continuous integration patterns. Understanding software development as a craftsmanship, he loves getting out of his comfort zone, learn about new tools, technologies and techniques.

Quickie: Gradle 3.0 and Beyond

Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta, Couchbase

Arun Gupta is the vice president of developer advocacy at Couchbase. He has built and led developer communities for 10+ years at Sun, Oracle, and Red Hat. He has deep expertise in leading cross-functional teams to develop and execute strategy, planning and execution of content, marketing campaigns, and programs. Gupta has authored more than 2,000 blog posts on technology. He has extensive speaking experience in more than 40 countries on myriad topics and is a JavaOne Rock Star for three years in a row. Gupta also founded the Devoxx4Kids chapter in the US. An author of several books on technology, an avid runner, a globe trotter, a Java Champion, a JUG leader, NetBeans Dream Team member, and a Docker Captain, he is available at @arungupta.

Presentation: Docker Swarm or Kubernetes - Pick your framework!

Erik Helin

Erik Helin, Oracle

Erik Helin is a developer at Oracle working in the Java group as a member of the JVM Garbage Collection team. For the past four years Erik has been working on the trace events framework, diagnostic tools for the Metaspace and for the last two years on the G1 garbage collector. Erik has worked on most parts of the G1 garbage collector and lately with a special focus on the policies.

Presentation: Throughput, latency and footprint - pick two

Tutorial: VM Tech Summit, part II

Juergen Hoeller

Juergen Hoeller, Pivotal

Juergen Hoeller is co-founder of the Spring Framework open source project and has been serving as the project lead and release manager for the core framework since 2003. Juergen is an experienced software architect and consultant with outstanding expertise in code organization, transaction management and enterprise messaging.

Presentation: Spring Framework 5: Themes & Trends

Felipe Hoffa

Felipe Hoffa, Google

In 2011 Felipe Hoffa moved from Chile to San Francisco to join Google as a Software Engineer. Since 2013 he's been a Developer Advocate on big data - to inspire developers around the world to leverage the Google Cloud Platform tools to analyze and understand their data in ways they could never before. You can find him in several YouTube videos, blog posts, and conferences around the world.

Presentation: What I learned from analyzing 750 billion GitHub events and 42 TB of code

Heinz Kabutz

Heinz Kabutz, JavaSpecialists.EU

Dr Heinz Kabutz writes the popular "The Java Specialists' Newsletter" read by tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans in over 137 countries. To sign up, visit http://www.javaspecialists.eu

Hands-on lab: Java Concurrency Live(li)ness

Presentation: Turbo Charge CPU Utilization in Fork/Join Using the ManagedBlocker

Ryan Knight

Ryan Knight, Starbucks

Ryan Knight has 15 years of experience with building distributed systems and large-scale data centric applications with Cassandra, Spark, Java, Scala and Akka. He frequently does training and presentations at conferences around the world, such as JavaOne, Devoxx, JavaZone, Cassandra Summit and many other meetups and has spoken in over 15 countries. He first started Java Consulting in 1999 at the Sun Java Center and has since worked at a wide variety of companies such as DataStax, Typesafe (now LightBend), Oracle, IBM, Intel, Tomax, Family Search and Riot Games. He now works as an Enterprise Architect for Starbucks.

Tutorial: Large Scale Data Pipelines with Kafka, Spark Streaming and Cassandra

Philipp Krenn

Philipp Krenn, Elastic

Philipp is part of the infrastructure team and a Developer Advocate at Elastic, spreading the love and knowledge of full-text search, analytics, and real-time data. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups about all things search & analytics, databases, cloud computing, and devops. Philipp lives in Vienna where he enjoys experimenting with software, organizing meetups, and sports.

Presentation: Monitor your containers

Magnus Larson

Magnus Larson, Callista Enterprise AB

Magnus has been in the IT business since 1986. He is an experienced architect in areas such as integration, SOA and distributed systems. Magnus special dedication to Java and the Open Source community is manifested by his active participation in various projects over the years. Currently Magnus focus on helping customers to build solutions based on a microservice architecture.

Hands-on lab: Developing microservices using Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS and Docker

Joachim Lindborg

Joachim Lindborg, Sustainable Innovation

IoT specialist making systems cooperate to enhance values and create new services. Likes innovative thinking and the next Internet of Things wave. Creating a better world through smarter technologies Dedicated to innovative technologies around energy efficiency, visualisations and smart energyusage and the emerging technologies for advanced energy control both in private and in commercial with the drive towards smart customers on a global market.

Hands-on lab: IoT interaction – Create an Energy and IoT mobile app in an afternoon

Bhakti Mehta

Bhakti Mehta, Atlassian

Bhakti Mehta is the author of "Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS2.0, WebSockets and JSON" and "RESTful Java Patterns and Best Practices". She has over 13 years of experience architecting, designing and implementing software solutions on top of Java EE and other related technologies. She is passionate about open source software development and has been one of the founding members of GlassFish Application Server. Bhakti has a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and Masters degree in Computer Science. Her areas of research include architecting solutions for resiliency, scale, reliability and performance with respect to server-side technologies, web services and cloud applications. Currently Bhakti is a Senior Software Engineer at Atlassian. Follow her at @bhakti_mehta

Presentation: Architecting for Failures in Microservices: Patterns and Lessons Learned

Nicolai Parlog

Nicolai Parlog, CodeFX

Nicolai is a thirty year old boy, as the narrator would put it, who has found his passion in software development. He constantly reads, thinks, and writes about it, and codes for a living as well as for fun. Nicolai is the editor of SitePoint's Java channel[1], writes a book about Project Jigsaw[2], blogs about software development on codefx.org[3], and is a long-tail contributor to several open source projects. You can hire him[4] for all kinds of things. [1] http://sitepoint.com/java/ [2] http://blog.codefx.org/java-module-system-in-action/ [3] http://codefx.org [4] http://blog.codefx.org/hire-nicolai-parlog/

Presentation: Expert Java 8

Matti Pehrs

Matti Pehrs, Spotify

Matti works as a back-end developer in the Spotify Data Infrastructure Tribe. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years and with Java almost from its inception.

Presentation: Scaling the Data Infrastructure @Spotify

Kirk Pepperdine

Kirk Pepperdine, jClarity Ltd.

Kirk co-founded JClarity, a startup focused on developing the next generation performance diagnostic tooling. Additionally, Kirk continues to deliver the popular Java Performance Tuning Workshop as well as Java performance tuning services. In addition to working in Java, he has developed and tuned applications written in C/C++, Smalltalk, and a variety of other languages. Kirk has written many articles and spoken often at conferences and user groups on the subject of performance tuning.

Presentation: Using jPDM, a performance diagnostic model

Ola Petersson

Ola Petersson, Squeed

Ola Petersson is a fullstack web developer and Software Engineer. With a background in the softer parts of the profession of programming he has lately worked on building modern web applications with JavaEE as his main focus. He has also spent time gaining and spreading knowledge in the Java community at events such as JavaOne, Java Barcelona Conference and the Swedish JUGs.

Presentation: Reactive Java EE

Matt Raible

Matt Raible, Stormpath

Writer, father, husband, and educator with a passion for skiing, mountain biking, VWs and good beer. Drives a ’66 21-Window Bus and a ’90 Syncro Westy.

Presentation: Building a PWA with Ionic, Angular and Spring Boot

Presentation: Testing Angular 2 Applications

Shahid Raza

Shahid Raza, SICS

Dr. Shahid Raza is a senior researcher at the SICS Swedish ICT Stockholm where he has been working since 2008. Shahid research interests include but are not limited to security and privacy in IPv6-connected IoT, interconnection of computing clouds and IoT, and the smart grid. Shahid is an Associate Editor of the premier IEEE IoT Journal and a TPC member of a number of targeted IoT conferences/workshops. In addition to participating in different EU (H2020 NobelGrid, FP7 CALIPSO, FP7 CONET, etc.) and Swedish (SeCThings, PROMOS, etc.) projects, Shahid has won a competitive research grant from the Swedish funding agency VINNOVA under the Strategic Innovation Program for the Internet of Things. Shahid has completed his industrial PhD from the SICS Swedish ICT Stockholm and Master from KTH.

Presentation: Is IoT security a nightmare?

Mark Reinhold

Mark Reinhold, Oracle

Mark Reinhold is Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle. His past contributions to the platform include character-stream readers and writers, reference objects, shutdown hooks, the NIO high-performance I/O APIs, library generification, and service loaders. Mark was the lead engineer for the JDK 1.2 and 5.0 releases, the JCP specification lead for Java SE 6, and both the project and specification lead for JDK 7 (Java SE 7) and JDK 8 (Java SE 8). He currently leads the JDK 9 and Jigsaw projects in the OpenJDK Community, where he also serves on the Governing Board. Mark holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jeroen Resoort

Jeroen Resoort, JDriven

Jeroen Resoort is an Enterprise Java Developer at JDriven. He has over 10 years of experience writing enterprise applications. He is passionate about writing good code, learning new stuff and sharing his knowledge with others.

Presentation: Mission to Mars: Exploring new worlds with AWS IoT

Sven Ruppert

Sven Ruppert, macros reply GmbH

Sven Ruppert has been coding Java since 1996. He is a Head of R&D for reply based in Munich. In his free time he is regularly speaking at Conferences like JavaOne/Jfokus/Devoxx/JavaZone/JavaLand and many more and contributes to IT periodicals, as well as tech portals.

Presentation: From mess to masterpice?..leagacy code transformation done right

Baruch Sadogursky

Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog

JavaOne Rockstar Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Developer Advocate of JFrog, the creators of Artifactory Binary Repository, the home of Bintray, JavaOne 2011 and 2013 Duke Choice Awards winner. For a living he hangs out with the JFrog tech leaders, writes some code around Artifactory and Bintray, and then speaks and blogs about all that. He does it repeatedly for the last dozen of years and enjoys every moment of it. Baruch is @jbaruch on twitter and mostly blogs on http://blog.bintray.com and http://blogs.jfrog.org.

Presentation: Java Puzzlers NG S02: Down the rabbit hole

Gerard Sans

Gerard Sans, Angular GDE

Gerard is an Angular Google Developer Expert, Computer Science Engineer specialised in Web, International speaker and trainer. He is an AngularJS fanboy and a community activist fighting for the JavaScript revolution. He has lived and worked for all sorts of companies in Germany, Brazil, UK and Spain. He is always up for a good challenge. He enjoys running the AngularZone Community, mentoring AngularJS students, participating in the community, speaking at conferences and writing technical articles at Medium. Originally from Barcelona He loves a good coffee and helping the local community in London by volunteering for social charities.

Tutorial: Angular 2 Off Track

Presentation: The amazing Angular 2 Router

Bert Jan Schrijver, JPoint

Bert Jan is a software craftsman at JPoint in the Netherlands and CTO at OpenValue. His focus is on Java, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. He is User Group leader for NLJUG, the Dutch Java User Group and a JavaOne Rock Star speaker. He loves to share his experience by speaking at conferences, writing for the Dutch Java magazine and helping out Devoxx4Kids with teaching kids how to code.

Presentation: The DevOps disaster: 15 ways to fail at DevOps

Henning Schwentner, WPS - Workplace Solutions

Henning loves to code. He follows this passion as a software architect and consultant at WPS - Workplace Solutions in Hamburg, Germany. His projects are domain-driven designed, agile and preferably in Java, which is his favourite language since version 1.0. But his path is also often crossed by C# and even ABAP. Henning is interested in the evolution of programming languages, long-living software architectures and big refactorings. Henning is married and has children.

Presentation: Value types - The Next Big Thing for Java

Pär Sikö

Pär Sikö, Jayway

Pär is a passionate developer who's been working with client side Java for more than ten years and that is hoping for another ten years filled with challenges and new technology. Pär is a fast learner with a need to always learn more and never being satisfied, always wanting more. This is a good thing since GUI programming always ends up on pixel level where the details are of utter most importance.

Presentation: Programming your body with chip implants

David Simms

David Simms, Oracle Svenska AB

David Simms is an engineer within the Oracle's Hotspot JVM Runtime team. Working with JVM engineering since 2002, currently assigned to Project Valhalla (it's Java, just not as you know it).

Presentation: To serve Odin, adventures in project Valhalla prototyping

Tutorial: VM Tech Summit, part I

Katherine Stanley

Katherine Stanley, IBM

Katherine Stanley is a Software Engineer at IBM in the WebSphere Application Server Liberty development organization. She specializes in microservices architectures built using Java. As a part of the Liberty team Katherine has created samples to demonstrate industry best practices for microservices and worked on the open source microservice project GameOn. She has also given workshops and presentations about microservices at various European conferences, including DevoxxUK and OSCON in London and JFokus last year. Katherine has been at IBM since 2014 and is based in the Hursley UK lab.

Presentation: Microservice communication and integration: what are my options?

Jennifer Strater

Jennifer Strater, Technical University of Denmark

Jennifer “Jenn” Strater is the co-founder of the organization Gr8Ladies. She has also organized Gr8Workshops for developers interested in an overview and crash course in Groovy technologies. She has presented on several Groovy topics at events such as the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Greach, Gr8Conf EU, Gr8Conf US, and Devoxx Belgium. In August 2016, Jenn started in the master’s program at the Technical University of Denmark(DTU). She is studying static analysis and compilers with a focus on Groovy with funding from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Presentation: A Test-Driven Approach to Documenting RESTful APIs

Mikael Sundberg

Mikael Sundberg, Klarna

Software developer with 10 years of experience and a passion for simplicity and clean code. My two biggest enemies in life are comments in code and overengineered solutions. Currently I use continuous delivery and mob programming to create microservices handling backend api’s at Klarna.

Burr Sutter

Burr Sutter, Red Hat

Burr Sutter is responsible for Red Hat's developer experience. Burr is currently an Oracle Java Champion, and was previously president of the Atlanta Java Users Group and founder of the DevNexus conference. Burr loves visiting developer events and has spoken at numerous JUGs, meetups and conferences, from Bangalore to Brussels and from Berlin to Beijing, covering most parts in-between.

Presentation: Reactive Microservices with Vert.x

Tutorial: Reactive Programming, Systems and Microservices

Attila Szegedi

Attila Szegedi, FaunaDB

Attila is currently a Senior Software Engineer with FaunaDB. He spent 4.5 years with Oracle as a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the Java LangTools team working on the Nashorn JavaScript runtime and the Dynalink library, and before that he was a Staff Engineer at Twitter in its Runtime Systems team. In the past Attila was also a frequent contributor to Open Source projects, most notably the FreeMarker template engine and Mozilla Rhino JavaScript runtime.

Presentation: jdk.dynalink is here

Tutorial: VM Tech Summit, part II

Hanneli Tavante

Hanneli Tavante, Codeminer 42

Hanneli is a software developer. With experience in Java, C++ and Ruby, she works mostly with backend development and project architecture. She contributes to some open source projects and organises Cassandra, Science and Rust meetups in Sao Paulo. She enjoys spreading knowledge and learning new topics in conferences around the globe. She also likes coffee, GIFs, Lego and Mathematics.

Presentation: Introducing Rust

Chris Thalinger

Chris Thalinger, Twitter

Chris Thalinger is a software engineer working on Java Virtual Machines for over 13 years. His main expertise is in compiler technology with Just-In-Time compilation in particular. Initially being involved with the CACAO and GNU Classpath projects, the focus shifted to OpenJDK as soon as Sun made the JDK open-source. Ever since Chris has worked on the HotSpot JVM at Sun, Oracle and now at Twitter.

Presentation: Graal @Twitter

Tutorial: VM Tech Summit, part I

Ray Tsang

Ray Tsang, Google

Ray is a Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform. Ray had extensive hands on cross-industry enterprise systems integration delivery and management experiences during his time at Accenture, managed full stack application development, DevOps, and ITOps. Ray specialized in middleware, big data, and PaaS products during his time at Red Hat while contributing to open source projects, such as Infinispan. Aside from technology, Ray enjoys traveling and adventures. You can follow Ray on Twitter: @saturnism

Presentation: Efficient Microservices w/ Binary Protocol - gRPC 101

Tutorial: Managing Cloud Native Applications with Kubernetes - End-to-End

Brian Vermeer

Brian Vermeer, Blue4IT

Software Engineer for blue4it working consultancy based on mainly Java projects for other companies in the Netherlands. Graduated at the Utrecht University on a Haskell topic makes me a Functional Programming enthusiast. I was a co writer on the published Research paper: Plagiarism Detection for Haskell with Holmes. Besides that I am a military reserve for the Dutch Airforce and a taekwondo Master.

Presentation: Identity theft: Developers are key

Kai Wähner

Kai Wähner, TIBCO

Kai Wähner works as Technology Evangelist at TIBCO. His main area of expertise lies within the fields of Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Integration, SOA, Microservices, BPM, Cloud, Java EE and Enterprise Architecture Management. He is speaker at international IT conferences such as JavaOne, ApacheCon or OOP, writes articles for professional journals, and shares his experiences with new technologies on his blog (www.kai-waehner.de/blog). Contact: kontakt@kai-waehner.de or Twitter: @KaiWaehner. Find more details and references (presentations, articles, blog posts) on his website: www.kai-waehner.de

Presentation: Comparison of Open Source Frameworks for Integrating the Internet of Things

Jonas Wåhslén

Jonas Wåhslén, KTH School of Technology and Health

Wrist worn security alarms used by over 200 000 seniors in Sweden. Most only works when you’re at home. Making you’re a prisoner in your own home. I love technology,and believe mankind can evolve through technology. That is driving me to work in forefront of technology development, both as a lecturer and researcher. With the pursuit to show the potential of technology to satisfy consumers/our needs. My current research is to enabling mobility, breaking the prison our seniors is facing. Secondly enabling flexibility of using emerging technology, increasing the usability of new sensors. Previous research has been for elite athlete with the goal to providing better coaching data using wireless sensor, e.g. trying to answer the question how synchronized should a K2 canoe be?

Presentation: Device-to-Device Sensor Communication in Home Healthcare

James Ward

James Ward, Salesforce.com

James Ward (www.jamesward.com) is a Principal Platform Evangelist at Salesforce.com. James tweets as @_JamesWard and posts code at github.com/jamesward.

Presentation: Introduction to Machine Learning

Tutorial: Large Scale Data Pipelines with Kafka, Spark Streaming and Cassandra



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