2-4 February 2015

Jfokus Training

About Jfokus Training

Get taught directly by the experts and interact with peers in an engaging informal environment. These are intensive, deep dive training sessions designed for advanced IT professionals which incorporate expert-led presentations.

Axel Fontaine

2 Days: Architecting for Continuous Delivery: from Zero to Hero

Axel Fontaine, Snow Mountain Labs

Continuous Delivery is all the hype these days. This training makes it a reality. We start with an overview of what Continuous Delivery is and how it can help you. We then quickly dive into the details. You will learn what it takes to architect a Java application so that it can be delivered continuously into production, with code, configuration and database delta, multiple times a day, with zero downtime.

Buckle up! This class is intensive and hands-on. You build entire Java web app to the points where it deploys continuously, with zero downtime. You'll gain solid understanding of what your architecture must provide to enable this. It will take your software to another level. It's that good.

When: 6-7 February 2014 Fully booked

When: 12-13 March 2014

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Language: English

Format: Bring your own laptop

Price: 12 500 SEK

15% discount when booking before 7 February

All prices excl. Swedish VAT and incl. lunch

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This course assumes a good understanding of software architecture, the Java language, Linux and relational databases in general.


During the course of these two days, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery
  • Application, CI Server and Artifact Repository Setup
  • Rethinking Releases
  • Environment Detection
  • Configuration
  • Database Migrations
  • Feature Toggles
  • Managing State
  • Self-identifying Software
  • Zero-Downtime Deployments


Venkat Subramaniam

2 Days: Java 8 Deep Dive

Venkat Subramaniam, Agile Developer, Inc.


The biggest change in Java 8 is in the minds of the programmers. It?s not just new syntax, but a paradigm shift we have to do through to make the best of this evolution. We can now program in Java in functional style, create and use higher order functions. We can design with elegance, create concise code, and more easily exploit concurrency. In this hands-on training we will dive into the most exciting additions to the language and learn how to exploit them.

When: 6-7 February 2014

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Language: English

Format: Bring your own laptop

Price: 12 500 SEK

All prices excl. Swedish VAT and incl. lunch

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From Imperative to Functional Style

  • Traditional mainstream coding
  • Perils of imperative style
  • The paradigm shift
  • Examples of declarative style
  • Programming with Declarative style
  • Exercises


Applying Lambda Expressions

  • Shift in fundamental operations
  • Iterating
  • Transformation
  • Manipulating collections
  • Exercises


Building with Lambda Expressions

  • Using Lambdas to perform routine tasks
  • Sorting with comparators
  • Designing with lambda expressions
  • Separation of concern applied with lambda expressions



Function Composition and Lazy Evaluations

  • Function composition
  • Transformation and efficiency
  • Lazy evaluations
  • Exercises


From Lazy to Parallel

  • Evaluation order
  • Emphasis on Immutability
  • Task distribution
  • Parallel Execution
  • Controlling threads
  • Exercises




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