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Gerard Sans

2 Days: Angular 2 Workshop

Gerard Sans,


Angular 2 is a revolutionary development platform for creating applications using modern web standards and powered by the Open Source Community following the success of AngularJS.
Angular 2 introduces some major improvements over its predecessor. We are going to cover the main areas so you can start creating your own projects and enjoy its benefits Today.
At Angular Labs we have been following Angular 2 since the initial pre-release versions and sharing our learnings with the community. You can access our lab sessions online and follow the latest topics around Angular.

When: To be decided

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Language: English


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  • Being familiar with Angular will ease the learning curve
  • Up-to-date skills: HTML/5, DOM, CSS and JavaScript

Introduction to Angular 2

  • Motivations
  • Application life cycle
  • New Architecture

ES5, ES6

  • Arrow functions and let keyword; Block scope
  • Classes and inheritance; Default parameters
  • Destructured assignment
  • Generators; Iterators; Maps
  • Promises; Rest parameters; Sets
  • Spread operator; Template Literals


  • Why Angular 2 Team uses TypeScript
  • Type annotations and compile-time type checking
  • Type inference, Built-in types, Interfaces, Classes, Enumerated type, Mixins, Generics, Tuples
  • IDE support
  • TSC/TSD tools

Dependency Injection

  • Annotations and Metadata
  • Configuration
  • Asyncronous / Lazy injection


  • New Template Syntax
  • Data binding: DOM events/properties, CSS/styles, local variables, embedded templates, Elvis operator
  • Introduction to Pipes
  • Built-in Directives: NgIf, NgSwitch, NgStyle, NgClass and NgFor


  • Basic Component
  • Building applications using components
  • Input / Output and Events
  • Creating a basic Service

Reactive Extensions

  • Introduction to RxJS 5
  • Observables
  • Operators
  • Observer
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe

HTTP module

  • New Data Architecture
  • Setting up angular2/http
  • Creating a basic HTTP Service (GET)
  • Basic Authentication (POST)
  • JSONP example. Searching Wikipedia articles

Component Router

  • Configuration
  • Outlets, links
  • Nested routes


  • Template-driven forms
  • Model-driven forms
  • Validations
  • ng-model

Unit Testing

  • Tools and Setup
  • Testing a Service
  • Testing a Component
  • Dealing with Asynchronous Tests

Migration to Angular 2

  • Phases: Preparation and Upgrade
  • Upgrade Strategies
  • Introduction to ngUpgrade



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