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Get taught directly by the experts and interact with peers in an engaging informal environment. These are intensive, deep dive training sessions designed for advanced IT professionals which incorporate expert-led presentations.

Scheduled training:

24-27 September 2013 - The Concurrency Specialist Course

Expert Led Training Courses

The Concurrency Specialist Course

During this 4-day course, you will learn how to write safe multi-threaded Java code that performs well on your hardware. You will learn techniques to ensure visibility of your fields, to build thread safety without explicit locking. You will learn the new fork/join constructs and explore ways to parallelize your algorithms.

Dr Heinz M Kabutz

Dr Heinz M Kabutz

Dr Heinz Kabutz is best known for his creation of The Java Specialists' Newsletter, read in 120 countries by 50000 Java experts. In his newsletter, he examines advanced aspects of Java that have helped Java developers around the world to produce better code. As someone remarked on the Sun website: "Heinz Kabutz is a hero in the Java Developer Community. His newsletters have saved companies millions by helping burgeoning and experienced programmers deliver high quality products. In order to fund the newsletter, Heinz writes Java code on contract and runs seminars. "
His latest creation, the Extreme Java - Advanced Topics Course, examines areas of advanced Java. It is one of the only courses specifically aimed at the seasoned Java professional.

Become Proficient in Java Performance Tuning

In this 4 days expert-led course, you will learn a blend of tuning methodology, performance theory and practical tips on solving difficult performance problems. The tools learned are all freely available or open source and will equip you to immediately apply what you have learned in your workplace. No more suffering through slow, under performing applications. You will learn how to develop code with performance as the goal and the end user in mind.

Kirk Pepperdine

Kirk Pepperdine, Kodewerk

Led by Kirk Pepperdine - a recognized expert in Java Performance Tuning, Java Champion, international speaker and trainer, and co-contributor to the successful Java Performance Tuning Newsletter - you'll learn in four days what would otherwise take years of self-study. Kirk has fixed numerous critical performance issues and has saved millions in lost revenue and downtime for his clients. Full of insight and packed with experience, this course can help you do the same.