Jfokus VM Tech Summit (5 February 2018)

Jfokus VM Tech Summit is an open technical collaboration among language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects. We are sharing our experiences as creators of programming languages. We also welcome non-JVM developers on similar technologies to attend or speak on their runtime, VM, or language of choice. We are dividing the schedule equally between traditional presentations 45 minutes and "workshops". Workshops are informal, facilitated discussion groups among smaller, self-selected participants. They enable "deeper dives" into the subject matter. Space is limited: This summit is organized around a single classroom-style room, to support direct communication between participants.

Monday 09.00-09.45

Aleksey Shipilev

Aleksey Shipilev, Red Hat

Aleksey is working on Java performance for 10+ years. Today he is employed by Red Hat, where he does OpenJDK development and performance work. Aleksey develops and maintains a number of OpenJDK subprojects, including JMH, JOL, and JCStress. He is also an active participant in expert groups and communities dealing with performance and concurrency. Prior joining Red Hat, Aleksey was working on Apache Harmony at Intel, then moved to Sun Microsystems, which was later consumed by Oracle.

(PDF) Presentation: Shenandoah GC: What We Know In 2018

Monday 10.00-10.45

Tobias Tebbi

Tobias Tebbi, Google

Tobias is a software engineer at Google Munich. As part of the V8 team, he works on Turbofan, V8's optimizing Javascript JIT compiler that uses speculative optimizations to achieve high performance. Before, he worked on interactive theorem proving and programming language meta-theory.

(PDF) Presentation: Escape Analysis in V8

Monday 10.45-11.45 Coffe break

Monday 11.45-12.30

Monday 12.30-13.30 Lunch break

Monday 13.30-14.15

Monday 14.30-15.15

Stefan Karlsson

Stefan Karlsson

Stefan Karlsson is a member of the HotSpot Garbage Collection team and has been working on JRockit and HotSpot projects for 13 years. Stefan is an OpenJDK Reviewer and has been working on large projects like the Permgen Removal, G1 Class Unloading, and for the last two years, ZGC.

(PDF) Presentation: ZGC - Low Latency GC for OpenJDK

Monday 15.15-15.45 Coffee break

Monday 15.45-16.30

Ivan Krylov

Ivan Krylov, Azul Systems

Ivan Krylov is a lead developer at Azul Systems, working on Zing JVM. Ivan has been in JVM development since 2005 and presently focuses on Compiler infrastructure. Previous experience includes the Hotspot Runtime development and JIT compiler work for the HSA/OpenCL stack.

(PDF) Presentation: Falcon a new JIT compiler in Zing JVM

Artur Pilipenko

Artur Pilipenko, Azul Systems

An engineer in the compiler team at Azul Systems. During the last two years has been taking part in the development of the LLVM-based JIT compiler Falcon. Before Azul Systems used to work at Oracle, where he was developing the CLDC HI virtual machine (aka Monty VM).

(PDF) Presentation: Falcon a new JIT compiler in Zing JVM

Monday 16.30-17.00 Ending dicussions and it's a wrap!

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