Jfokus VM Tech Summit (2 February)

Jfokus VM Tech Summit is an open technical collaboration among language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects. We are sharing our experiences as creators of programming languages. We also welcome non-JVM developers on similar technologies to attend or speak on their runtime, VM, or language of choice. We are dividing the schedule equally between traditional presentations 45 minutes and "workshops". Workshops are informal, facilitated discussion groups among smaller, self-selected participants. They enable "deeper dives" into the subject matter. Space is limited: This summit is organized around a single classroom-style room, to support direct communication between participants.

Monday 09.00-09.45

John Rose

John Rose, Oracle

JVM Architect; Da Vinci Machine Project, Project Panama, Project Valhalla. JSR 292 Specification Lead, specifying new support in the JVM standard for dynamic invocation and related facilities, such as type profiling and improved compiler optimizations. Has worked on Java(tm) technology at Sun since 1997, contributing widely to functionality and performance of the Sun/JDK stack, touching everything from hardware architecture to code generators to libraries to programming languages. Past projects include the design of Java inner classes, the initial port of HotSpot to SPARC, the Unsafe API, and various dynamic, parallel, and hybrid languages, including Common Lisp, Scheme (esh), dynamic bindings for C++.

(PDF) Presentation: JVM implementation challenges: Why the future is hard but worth it

Monday 10.00-10.45

Charles Nutter

Charles Nutter, Red Hat

Charles Oliver Nutter has been co-lead of the JRuby project for the past seven years, working on performance and Java integration, and helping to coordinate community efforts. During that time JRuby has become a premier platform for Ruby users, allowing both a gateway to Java-centric organizations as well as an excellent Ruby implementation. Charles hopes to expand JRuby's success to other JVM languages, building the JVM into the best platform for multi-language development. Charlie is employed working on JRuby full time at Red Hat.

(PDF) Presentation: InvokeBinder: Fluent Programming for Method Handles

Monday 11.15-12.30

Remi Forax

Remi Forax, Paris East Marne la Vallee

Assistant Professor at University Paris-East Marne La Vallee. Expert for JSR 292(invokedynamic), 335(lambda), 376(java module) Open source developer of ASM, OpenJDK, Tatoo, etc.

(PDF) Presentation: Proxy 2.0 - Behind The Scenes

Monday 13.30-14.15

Vyacheslav Egorov

Vyacheslav Egorov, Google

Vyacheslav Egorov is a software engineer at Google Aarhus. He is primarily focused on the technology behind virtual machines and compilers, contributing to V8 JavaScript engine and Dart VM. Before joining Google he worked on a Java VM with an ahead-of-time compiler at Excelsior LLC.

(PDF) Presentation: Patterns of VM design

Monday 14.30-15.15

Dan Heidinga

Dan Heidinga, IBM

Dan Heidinga is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and has been involved with virtual machine development since 2007. He has represented IBM on both the JSR 292 ('invokedyanmic') and JSR 335 ('lambda') expert groups and leads J9's implementation of both JSRs. He also maintains J9's bytecode verifier and previously developed an internal Smalltalk development environment built on Eclipse.

(PDF) Presentation: J9's MethodHandle compilation pipeline

Monday 15.45-16.30

Attila Szegedi

Attila Szegedi, Oracle

Attila Szegedi is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle, working on dynamic language features on the Java platform and the Nashorn JavaScript runtime for the JVM. Before joining Oracle, Attila worked as a Staff Engineer in Twitter?s Runtime Systems group, mostly on JVM performance tuning at scale. Attila is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has been recognized twice as a JavaOne Rock Star. He is also known for his work on several Open Source projects, most notably he is a contributor to Mozilla Rhino, an earlier JavaScript runtime for the JVM, a contributor to Kiji, Twitter?s server-optimized Ruby runtime, the author of Dynalink, the dynamic linker framework for languages on the JVM, as well as one of the main developers of the FreeMarker templating language.

(PDF) Presentation: Nashorn: Implementing a dynamic language runtime on JVM in 2015


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