Andrey Adamovich

Andrey Adamovich, Aestas/IT

Andrey Adamovich is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. He is passionate about defining good development practices, documenting and presenting architecture, reuse of code and design patterns, profiling and analysis of application performance as well as extreme automation of development and operations activities. Andrey has Master Degree in Computer Science from Latvian State University. Andrey is one of the authors of Groovy 2 Cookbook.

Hands-on Lab: Infrastructure Automation with Gradle and Puppet

(PDF) Presentation: Ninja Tricks for Groovy System Scripting

Rickard Andersson

Rickard Andersson, SVT

Rickard Andersson has worked as a developer, solution architect and lead architect at SVT for 10 years+. Working close to editors and the public he has been part of reshaping SVT:s online presence. Listens to way to much synth music.

(PDF) Quickie: Hacking the Monolith

Aaron Ardiri

Aaron Ardiri, Evothings AB

Aaron has more than 15 years experience within the enterprise and mobile industry, before joining Evothings as CTO he was a Principal Developer Evangelist at BlackBerry and a key contributor to the developer relations team launching the BlackBerry 10 mobile platform. His former company ubitexx GmbH developed a cloud based cross-platform mobile device management (MDM) solution, which complemented the proprietary services core to the Blackberry platform. Aaron has also long experience in working with embedded systems, development tools, gaming, education software, security, cryptography and supporting systems for mobile communication for various handheld devices.

(PDF) Presentation: Is it possible to secure micro-controllers used within IoT?

Joe Armstrong

Joe Armstrong, Ericsson

Joe Armstrong is one of the inventors of Erlang. When at the Ericsson computer science lab in 1986, he was part of the team who designed and implemented the first version of Erlang. He has written several Erlang books including Programming Erlang. Joe held the first ever Erlang course and has taught Erlang to hundreds of programmers and held many lectures and keynotes describing the technology. Joe is an adjuct professor of Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and is an expert in the construction of fault tolerant systems. Joe was the chief software architect of the project which produced the Erlang OTP system. He has worked as an entrepreneur in one of the first Erlang startups (Bluetail) and has worked for over 30 years in industry and research.

(PDF) Presentation: Pipes Were a Great Idea, But What Comes Next?

Paul Bakker

Paul Bakker, Luminis Technologies

Paul is a software architect for Luminis Technologies and the author of ?Building Modular Cloud Apps With OSGi? published by O'Reilly. He believes that modularity and the cloud are two of the main challenges we have to deal with to bring technology to the next level, and is working on making this possible for mainstream software development. Paul is an active contributor on open source projects such as Amdatu, Apache ACE and BndTools. He has a background as a trainer on Java related technology and is a regular speaker on conferences.

(PDF) Presentation: Provisioning the IoT

Glenn Richard Bech

Glenn Richard Bech, Inmeta Consulting AS

Glenn Bech manages the Inmeta Consulting Java team and works hands-on in software development projects. He has developed software on the Java platform , mainly server side. for the Banking and insurance industry for the last ten years. For Glenn, as for many a developer, it all started 20 years ago with "Poke 53281,0" on the Commodore 64. Since then, he has programmed a wide range of languages. The first of his now several Android applications was published on the Android market in february 2011. He is now a very passionate Android developer. Glenn is also the co-founder of the Norwegian software comminity "Baksia" (www.baksia.org) that is non-profit and promotes everything scalable and backend related.

(PDF) Presentation: Writing for wearables, an introduction to the Android Wear platform

Kim Joar Bekkelund

Kim Joar Bekkelund, BEKK

Kim is the creator of Superhero.js and senior consultant at Bekk Consulting in Oslo, Norway. He primarily works on large-scale JavaScript applications and he strongly believes that we should treat JavaScript as a real language when we use it to build large applications.

(PDF) Presentation: Writing Beautiful JavaScript Tests

Geert Bevin

Geert Bevin, ZeroTurnaround

Geert is a developer with a passion for programming. He has steadily contributed to many open-source projects over the years (Gentoo, RIFE, Terracotta, Ehcache, EigenD, OpenLaszlo, Juce to name a few). Geert has spoken at many developer conferences, mostly about Java byte-code manipulation, continuations, his framework RIFE and scalability; he was also selected as one of the Java Champions. Geert's other passion is music and he has performed live and recorded a few albums; he composes, writes, plays the guitar, the Eigenharp and sings. Aside from that he likes to ride the motorbike when he gets the chance and recently picked up a keen interest in tabletop roleplaying games. Geert works at ZeroTurnaround on the XRebel team and also participates in advocacy and RebelLabs content creation.

Keynote: Programmers are way cooler than musicians

Daniel Bryant

Daniel Bryant, Open Credo

Daniel Bryant is a Principal Consultant for OpenCredo, a software consultancy and delivery company dedicated to helping our clients deliver better software faster. Currently Daniel specialises in enabling agility within organisations, typically by introducing better requirement gathering and planning techniques, facilitating continuous integration/delivery and introducing 'DevOps' methodologies. By night Daniel is a keen programmer and leader within the London Java Community (LJC), where he acts as a mentor and assists with organising meetups and hackdays. He also contributes to several open source projects and is currently a committer on the LJC-lead 'Adopt OpenJDK' Betterrev project. Daniel enjoys teaching and sharing ideas, and regularly presents at international conferences.

(PDF) Presentation: Thinking Fast and Slow in Software Development

Benjamin Cabé

Benjamin Cabé, Eclipse Foundation

Benjamin Cabé is IoT evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation. He advocates the use of open and innovative technologies for the Internet of Things and likes assembling cool projects with Arduino kits and all kinds of open hardware platforms. Before joining the Eclipse Foundation, Benjamin was Open Source Manager at Sierra Wireless where he contributed to the creation of the Eclipse IoT Working Group. You can find him online on Twitter (@kartben) or on his blog: http://blog.benjamin-cabe.com.

(PDF) Presentation: End-to-end IoT solutions with Java and Eclipse IoT technology

Hands-on Lab: Sensor Networks with Contiki and Java/Eclipse IoT

Angela Caicedo

Angela Caicedo, Oracle

Angela Caicedo is a Technology Evangelist at Oracle. Angela's expertise includes: Java ME, Java SE and Java EE. She loves spending time in new and cool technologies like: Game developments, 3D, embedded technologies, JavaFX, and others. She has also presented these topics at developer conferences around the world. Angela graduated from the University EAFIT of Medellin Colombia in 1998 with a B.S. in CS. During 1997 Angela was a visitor student at Center for Educational Computing Initiatives at MIT. Prior to joining Sun, Angela worked for three years as a software developer and researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in Lausanne, Swiss, and participated in several European Projects. Angela has also done research on Intelligent Agents which is one of her specialties.

BOF: Bringing MYO to the Java World!

Hands-on Lab: Go With The Flow: Streams and Lambdas Power Lab

Hands-on Lab: Going Wearable: Java, Raspberry Pi, and Cool Peripherals

Presentation: IoT Magic Show

David Chandler

David Chandler, Sencha

Formerly the Developer Relations engineer for GWT at Google, Chandler is now Developer Advocate for GXT with Sencha. He is the creator of basic-http-client and storm-gen open source projects for Android and continues to be involved with App Engine, GWT, and Android development. Chandler blogs about Java Web and mobile development at turbomanage.wordpress.com.

(PDF) Presentation: Building Amazing HTML5 Apps with Sencha GXT

Chris Chedgey

Chris Chedgey, Structure101

Chris holds an MSc. in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and has 30 years experience in commercial software development, notably on large military and aerospace projects in Canada, including 5 years on the Canadian International Space Station Program. He is a founder of Structure101. He is a strong advocate for the principles of software structure and modularity, and has recently spoken at many JUGs across Europe and the US, and at conferences including JFall 2012 (Netherlands), WICSA 2012 (Finland), Oredev 2012 (Sweden), Gearconf 2012 (Germany), JavaOne South America 2012 (Brazil), Houston Techfest 2013 (Houston), JAX 2013 (London), Javaland 2013 (Brule), 33rd Degree 2014 (Krakow), Oredev 2014 (Malmo)

(PDF) Presentation: Beautiful Structure

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin, Oracle

Stephen Chin is a Java Ambassador at Oracle specializing in embedded and UI technology, co-author of the Pro JavaFX Platform 2 title, and the JavaOne Content Chair. He has been featured at Java conferences around the world including Devoxx, JFokus, OSCON, JFall, GeeCON, JustJava, and JavaOne, where he thrice received a Rock Star Award. Stephen can be followed on twitter @steveonjava, reached via his blog: http://steveonjava.com/, and his hacking adventures can be seen on: http://nighthacking.com/

Presentation: IoT Magic Show

(PDF) Presentation: ZombieTime - JSR 310 for the Undead

Roberto Cortez

Roberto Cortez, Freelancer

My name is Roberto Cortez and I was born in Venezuela, but I have spent most of my life in Coimbra ? Portugal, where I currently live. I am a professional Java Developer working in the software development industry, with more than 8 years of experience in business areas like Finance, Insurance and Government. Most recently, I became a Freelancer. My new position is making me travel around the world (an old dream) to customers, but also to attend Java conferences. The direct contact with the Java community made me want to become an active member in the community itself. For that reason, I have created the Coimbra Java User Group, started to contribute to Open Source on Github and launched my own blog (www.radcortez.com), so I can share some of the knowledge that I gained over the years.

(PDF) Quickie: Java EE 7 Batch Processing in the Real World

David Currie

David Currie, IBM

David is a senior software engineer at IBM in the WebSphere Application Server development team based out of the Hursley Lab in the UK. His responsibilities are diverse, from microservices and Platform-as-a-Service with the lightweight Liberty profile, to Context and Dependency Injection in the venerable full profile. He started work on V3.5 of the product some 15+ years ago and is now working on V8.5 having done a whole host of other interesting things, mainly as a Java developer, in-between! David also has a keen interest in software craftmanship and all things agile.

(PDF) Presentation: Scalable, Available and Reliable Cloud Applications with PaaS and Microservices

Jeremy Deane

Jeremy Deane, NaviNet

Jeremy Deane has over 18 years of software engineering experience in leadership positions. His expertise includes Enterprise Integration Architecture, Web Application Architecture, and Software Process Improvement. In addition, he is an accomplished speaker and technical author.

(PDF) Presentation: Concurrent Processing Techniques

(PDF) Tutorial: Guerrilla Messaging

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds, Alianza Inc.

I am Kent C. Dodds. I work at Alianza as the frontend developer working with AngularJS primarily. I enjoy being involved in the community and I contribute regularly on GitHub (kentcdodds), Twitter (@kentcdodds), and Medium (@kentcdodds). I'm also an Egghead.io instructor (https://egghead.io/instructors/kentcdodds) and I am the co-host on the Angular Air video podcast (https://twitter.com/angularair). I'm married with two kids. If I'm not with them, I'm coding JavaScript. I love coding. I love talking with people about code. Come chat with me.

(SLIDES) Tutorial: Introduction to AngularJS

Presentation: Using ReactJS with existing AngularJS codebase

Mathias Doenitz

Mathias Doenitz

Among many other things Mathias is the original author of spray.io, which was acquired by Typesafe in 2013. As a long-time and active member of the Java and Scala open-source communities he is especially excited about everything performance-, scalability- and web-related.

(SLIDES) Presentation: REST on Akka: Connect to the world

Adam Dunkels

Adam Dunkels, Thingsquare

Adam Dunkels, PhD, is the CEO and co-founder of Thingsquare, the creator of the Contiki open source OS, and an Internet of Things pioneer. The MIT Technology Review named him one of the top 35 innovators in the world for having created the minimal wireless networking protocols that allow almost any device to communicate over the Internet. Most of today's Internet of Things products are powered by software he created.

(PDF) Presentation: Building a Connected Product

Hendrik Ebbers

Hendrik Ebbers, Canoo Engineering AG

Hendrik Ebbers is Java Architect at Canoo Engineering AG and lives in Dortmund, Germany. His main focus is primarily in the areas of JavaFX, Middleware and DevOps. Additionally, Hendrik Ebbers is founder and leader of the Java User Group Dortmund and gives talks and presentations in User Groups and Conferences. He's blogging about UI related topics at www.guigarage.com (or on Twitter @hendrikEbbers) and contributes to some Open Source Projects: DataFX, BoxFX, AquaFX and Vagrant-Binding. Hendriks JavaFX book "Mastering JavaFX 8 Controls" was released this summer by Oracle press. Hendrik was one of the featured speakers at JavaOne 2014.

(PDF) Presentation: Web Components

Vyacheslav Egorov

Vyacheslav Egorov, Google

Vyacheslav Egorov is a software engineer at Google Aarhus. He is primarily focused on the technology behind virtual machines and compilers, contributing to V8 JavaScript engine and Dart VM. Before joining Google he worked on a Java VM with an ahead-of-time compiler at Excelsior LLC.

Tutorial: Jfokus VM Tech Summit

(PDF) Presentation: Patterns of VM design

Anton Epple

Anton Epple, Eppleton

Toni has more than 14 years experience leading Java projects and has published many articles on the topic. He is a consultant worldwide for a wide variety of companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His main interest is client side development, and he's one of the developers behind the DukeScript framework (http://dukescript.com). In his spare time, Toni is community leader for the JavaTools Community at Java.net, and organizes JUG meetings and conferences.

(PDF) Quickie: Debugging the hell out of your HTML5 App with NetBeans

(PDF) Presentation: Dukescript, put Java into JavaScript

Axel Fontaine

Axel Fontaine, Boxfuse GmbH

Axel Fontaine is an entrepreneur, public speaker and continuous delivery expert based in Munich. He specializes in Continuous Delivery and hates complexity with a passion. He is the founder and lead of the popular open-source project Flyway (flywaydb.org) - Database migrations made easy. He regularly speaks at technical conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, JavaZone, Jfokus, JAX, W-JAX, 33rd Degree and more. Axel is the CEO of Boxfuse GmbH (boxfuse.com), working to radically simplify the deployment of Java apps, by turning them into ultra-compact perfectly isolated secure VMs within seconds. They can then be deployed on any hypervisor with a single command. You can find him online at axelfontaine.com and on Twitter as @axelfontaine

(PDF) Presentation: Immutable Infrastructure generation: the new App Deployment

Tomer Gabel

Tomer Gabel, Wix

A programming junkie and computer history aficionado, Tomer's been around the block a few times before settling at Wix as a system architect. In the last couple of years he's developed a major crush on Scala, promoting it within the Israeli software industry as part of Java.IL (Israeli Java user group) and Underscore (Israeli Scala user group) and organizing the annual Scalapeño conference in Tel-Aviv.

(PDF) Presentation: 5 Bullets to Scala Adoption

(PDF) Presentation: A Field Guide to DSL Design in Scala

Gerrit Grunwald

Gerrit Grunwald, Oracle

Gerrit is a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in software development. He has been involved in Java desktop application developments and controls development. His current interests include JavaFX, HTML5 and Swing especially development of custom controls in one of these technologies. He is also very interested in Java on embedded devices like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoneBlack, CubieBoard, Odroid-U3, BananaPi, i.MX6 and others. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like JFXtras as well as his own projects (SteelSeries Swing, SteelSeries Canvas, Enzo, FXGConverter). As a Java Champion he is an active member of the Java community, where he founded and lead the Java User Group Münster (Germany), co leads the JavaFX and IoT community.

(PDF) Quickie: Sensor networks with Java SE embedded

Matthias Grüter

Matthias Grüter, Transmode

Matthias Grüter works as a software engineer and manager at Transmode. He is leading the companies recent initiative for continuous delivery of its server and embedded software. When he's not hacking on software, you can find him at a Docker or DevOps Meetup talking about the value of immutable infrastructure and the power of Docker's simplicity and speed.

(PDF) Presentation: Docker and the JVM: a perfect match

Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta, Red Hat

Arun Gupta is Director of Developer Advocacy at Red Hat and focuses on JBoss Middleware. At Oracle, he led a cross-functional team to drive the global launch of the Java EE 7 platform through strategy, planning, and execution of content, marketing campaigns, and program. After authoring ~1400 blogs at blogs.oracle.com/arungupta on different Java technologies, he continues to promote Red Hat technologies and products at blog.arungupta.me. Arun has extensive speaking experience in ~40 countries on myriad topics and is a JavaOne Rockstar. He also founded the Devoxx4Kids chapter in the USA and continues to promoting technology education amongst kids. An author of a best-selling book, an avid runner, a globe trotter, a Java Champion, JUG leader, he is easily accessible at @arungupta.

(PDF) Quickie: Java EE 8 : What's Coming

(PDF) Presentation: Lessons Learned from Real-World Deployments of Java EE 7

(PDF) Tutorial: Nuts and Bolts of WebSocket

Jaromir Hamala

Jaromir Hamala, Hazelcast

I'm a developer at Hazelcast. I wrote my first line of code when I was 7 years old. Since than I was always interested in "How this system works under the hood?" I like pushing systems towards limits, brushing my skills by exploring HotSpot source code, contributing to open source projects and arguing about development over a pint of beer.

(PDF) Presentation: JCache is here. Say Goodbye to proprietary Caching APIs!

Dan Heidinga

Dan Heidinga, IBM

Dan Heidinga is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and has been involved with virtual machine development since 2007. He has represented IBM on both the JSR 292 ('invokedyanmic') and JSR 335 ('lambda') expert groups and leads J9's implementation of both JSRs. He also maintains J9's bytecode verifier and previously developed an internal Smalltalk development environment built on Eclipse.

(PDF) Presentation: J9's MethodHandle compilation pipeline

Tutorial: Jfokus VM Tech Summit

Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann, Microsoft

Chris Heilmann has dedicated a lot of his time making the web better. Originally coming from a radio journalism background, he built his first web site from scratch around 1997 and spent the following years working on lots of large, international web sites. He then spent a few years in Yahoo building products and explaining and training people and is now at Mozilla. Chris wrote and contributed to six books on web development and wrote many articles and hundreds of blog posts for Ajaxian, Smashing Magazine, Yahoo, Mozilla, ScriptJunkie and many more.

Introduction video: watch video

(PDF) Presentation: HTML5 after the hype (Watch introduction video)

(PDF) Keynote: You don't need another hero app - you need one that survives the Thunderdome

Michael Heinrichs

Michael Heinrichs, Canoo Engineering AG

Michael is a user interface creator by passion. He is convinced: no matter which technology and which device, if it has a screen, one can build a truly amazing experience. And pure magic. He works at Canoo Engineering AG as a software engineer on next generation user interfaces. Before that, he was responsible for performance optimizations in JavaFX Mobile at Sun Microsystems and later became the technical lead of the JavaFX core components at Oracle. Michael loves to spend time with his family and cooking. You can find him on Twitter @net0pyr and occasionally he blogs at http://blog.netopyr.com.

(PDF) Presentation: Web Components

Marcus Hirt

Marcus Hirt, Oracle

Marcus is one of the founders of Appeal Virtual Machines, the company that created the JRockit. He is currently working as lead for the Java Mission Control team. In his spare time he enjoys coding on his many pet projects, composing music, and scuba diving. Marcus has contributed JRockit related articles, whitepapers, tutorials, and webinars to the JRockit community, and has been an appreciated speaker at various conferences, such as Oracle Open World and Java One. He is also one of the two authors behind a popular book about JVM technology

(PDF) Hands-on Lab: Java Flight Recorder Lab

Jez Humble

Jez Humble, Chef

Jez Humble is a vice president at Chef, a lecturer at UC Berkeley, and co-author of the Jolt Award winning Continuous Delivery, published in Martin Fowler?s Signature Series (Addison Wesley, 2010), and the forthcoming Lean Enterprise, in Eric Ries? Lean series. He has worked as a software developer, product manager, consultant and trainer across a wide variety of domains and technologies. His focus is on helping organizations deliver valuable, high-quality software frequently and reliably through implementing effective engineering practices.

(PDF) Presentation: 21st Century Software Delivery

(PDF) Presentation: Creating Maintainable Automated Acceptance Tests

Tobias Järlund

Tobias Järlund, Aftonbladet

Tobias works as lead developer at Aftonbladet, where he's reshaping the news industry from within. He is a coorganizer of the Stockholm Web Performance Group and has been programming for decades, preferably on top of the JVM. And he's a pretty good french horn player.

Quickie: Making The News, One Small Microservice At A Time

Gavin King

Gavin King, Red Hat

Gavin King leads the Ceylon project at Red Hat. Gavin is the creator of Hibernate, a popular object/relational persistence solution for Java, and the Seam Framework, an application framework for enterprise Java. He's contributed to the Java Community Process as JBoss and then Red Hat representative for the EJB and JPA specifications and as lead of the CDI specification. Gavin now works full time on Ceylon, polishing the language specification, developing the compiler frontend, working on the IDE, and thinking about the SDK and future of the platform. He's still a fan of Java, and of other languages, especially Smalltalk, Python, and ML.

(PDF) Presentation: 10 Ceylon Idioms

Martin Kleppmann

Martin Kleppmann

Martin is a committer on Apache Samza and author of the O'Reilly book "Designing Data-Intensive Applications". Previously he was a senior software engineer at LinkedIn, and he co-founded and sold two startups, Rapportive and Go Test It. He is a regular speaker at conferences and is based in Cambridge, UK.

(PDF) Presentation: Scalable real-time data processing with Apache Samza

Matthias Kovatsch

Matthias Kovatsch, ETH Zürich

Matthias Kovatsch is an Internet of Things researcher at ETH Zurich, Switzerland with a focus on Web technology for highly resource-constrained devices. He is active in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the IoT Industry Working Group by the Eclipse Foundation, and the Contiki OS community.

Hands-on Lab: Sensor Networks with Contiki and Java/Eclipse IoT

Kai Kreuzer

Kai Kreuzer, Deutsche Telekom AG

Kai Kreuzer is a Java and OSGi expert, a Home Automation enthusiast, founder of openHAB.org, project lead of Eclipse SmartHome and co-lead of the Eclipse IoT top-level project. He works as a Developer Evangelist in the Connected Home department of Deutsche Telekom AG, which develops a smart home platform called QIVICON.

(PDF) Presentation: Smart Home Development Made Easy (Watch introduction video)

Gereon Kåver

Gereon Kåver, SVT

Gereon Kåver has worked in the software development sphere as a developer, project manager and development manager. Takes a great interest in developing open collaborative architecture culture and gearing development towards a more user-centric focus. Renaissance man wannabe.

(PDF) Quickie: Hacking the Monolith

Marcus Lagergren

Marcus Lagergren, Oracle

Marcus Lagergren has an MS in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Lagergren has a background in computer security but has worked with runtimes since 1999. He was one of the founding members of Appeal Virtual Machines, the company that developed the JRockit JVM, which was bought by BEA Systems in 2002. Lagergren has been team lead and architect for the JRockit code generators and has been involved in most other aspects of JVMs over the years. From 2007 to 2010 he worked for Oracle on fast virtualization technology, and since late 2011 has been a member of the Oracle langtools team, investigating dynamic languages on the JVM. Lagergren is also a general runtime futurist, and co-author of the book Oracle JRockit: The Definitive Guide,

Magnus Larson

Magnus Larson, Callista Enterprise AB

Magnus has been in the IT business since 1986. He is an experienced architect in areas such as integration, SOA and Java EE. Magnus special dedication to the Open Source community is manifested by his active participation in various projects over the years.

(PDF) Quickie: Adding social login to a website using Spring Social

Joonas Lehtinen

Joonas Lehtinen, Vaadin

Dr. Joonas Lehtinen is the founder of Vaadin project, a Java-based framework for building awesome web UI easily in Java. He is the founder and CEO of the company behind the Vaadin framework and leads a team of 80 engineers who are mostly working in European timezones. While not in a hangout to 10 time zones away from Vaadin's Silicon Valley offices, Joonas keeps failing in getting rid of his Finnish accent.

(PDF) Presentation: Vaadin X and Web Components

Sander Mak

Sander Mak, Luminis Technologies

Sander crafts scalable software at Luminis Technologies. With almost a decade of experience on the JVM platform, he specializes in modular Java and JavaScript development. Additionally, data analysis and machine learning are part of his ever growing list of interests. Sander loves sharing knowledge, for example through his blog at http://branchandbound.net and by writing for the Dutch Java Magazine. He speaks regularly at international developer conferences, sharing his passion for Java, alternative JVM languages and related technologies.

(PDF) Presentation: Event-sourced Architectures with Akka

(PDF) Presentation: Provisioning the IoT

Simon Maple

Simon Maple, ZeroTurnaround

Simon is a Developer Advocate at ZeroTurnaround and founder of the vJUG (virtualJUG), in addition to being an active member of the London Java Community (LJC) organising group and LJC JCP EC committee member. All of his community efforts culminated in him being awarded Java Champion status in 2014. Simon used to be a tester, developer and technical evangelist for IBM on the WebSphere Application Server for 12 years prior to joining ZeroTurnaround. He's married with a son and dog who he tries to spend as much quality time with as he can.

(PDF) Presentation: The Adventurous Developer's guide to Application Servers

(PDF) Presentation: The Adventurous Developer's guide to JVM Languages

James McGivern

James McGivern, Rockshore Ltd

A mathematician turned programmer, James has been working in the software engineer for over 10 years in various industries. He revels in problems that involve data structures or algorithms. Currently working for Rockshore as a tech lead providing real time data and event processing for rail, aviation, and telecommunications systems. James's ambitions are to become a polymath and be a space tourist.

(PDF) Presentation: Probably, Definitely, Maybe

(PDF) Presentation: The House That Skynet Built

Tobias Modig

Tobias Modig, Citerus

Tobias Modig is a pragmatic developer who values clean code and good habits. He is passionate about competence sharing and will gladly reveal his own mistakes to prevent others from repeating them. Tobias has been working as a developer and architect since the late 90s and is currently a Software Development Consultant at Citerus.

(PDF) Quickie: Beware my pitfalls!

Shahzada Hatim Mushtaq

Shahzada Hatim Mushtaq, ASSA ABLOY

Hatim is a professional software developer and an amateur hardware hacker based in Stockholm. He is currently working at ASSA ABLOY developing software components/services for electronic locks/keys and access control systems. At office he also gets the chance to work with hardware platforms (such as Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, RFID to name a few). He loves the idea of working on both hardware and software to build tangible products. Hatim is originally from Pakistan. He loves to help others learn about new concepts and to discuss unproven ideas with his peers. When not hacking he likes to relax by watching Star Trek and 90's sitcoms.

(PDF) Quickie: Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy

Henri Muurimaa

Henri Muurimaa, Vaadin

Henri Muurimaa, MSc. has been a professional Java developer and team leader since 1997. Lately he has been exploring how to leverage the functional and reactive approaches with UI programming. He is the author of RxVaadin, a contributor to Scaladin, and has been a member of the Vaadin team since 2002.

Presentation: Functional UI Programming

Petter Måhlén

Petter Måhlén, Spotify

Currently building infrastructure and developer tools at Spotify, Petter has nearly 20 years of experience of software development in many roles: developer, project manager, product owner, CTO, architect, etc. The last few years, he has eschewed management roles for love of coding, and has worked mostly on building large-scale distributed systems for the web.

(PDF) Presentation: Asynchronous Java in a Microservices World

Stéphane Nicoll

Stéphane Nicoll, Pivotal

Stéphane has a thing for code quality and robustness. He's been spreading the word for more than ten years while developing large scale Java enterprise applications in the geospatial, financial, or logistics sectors. An Apache Maven PMC member since 2006, he joined the core Spring Framework development team early 2014 and focuses on Spring Boot lately. During his free time, he loves travelling around the world.

(PDF) Tutorial: "Bootiful" Applications with Spring Boot

BOF: the Spring BOF

Charles Nutter

Charles Nutter, Red Hat

Charles Oliver Nutter has been co-lead of the JRuby project for the past seven years, working on performance and Java integration, and helping to coordinate community efforts. During that time JRuby has become a premier platform for Ruby users, allowing both a gateway to Java-centric organizations as well as an excellent Ruby implementation. Charles hopes to expand JRuby's success to other JVM languages, building the JVM into the best platform for multi-language development. Charlie is employed working on JRuby full time at Red Hat.

(PDF) Presentation: InvokeBinder: Fluent Programming for Method Handles

Tutorial: Jfokus VM Tech Summit

Presentation: Open Source Software Needs You!

Nicola Paolucci

Nicola Paolucci, Atlassian

Nicola is an Evangelist at Atlassian. He writes and talks about git, development workflows, code collaboration, Docker and is an all-round hacker. Prior to Atlassian he lead software teams, built crowd sourcing applications for geo-spacial data, worked on huge e-commerce deployments. Little known facts about Nicola: he gesticulates a lot while speaking (being Italian), lives in Amsterdam and rides a Ducati.

(PDF) Presentation: Be a better developer with Docker: tricks of the trade

José Paumard

José Paumard, Freelancer

Passionate about programming computers for over 20 years, Jose made ​​his debut in assembler and C before adopting Java in 1996. Assistant professor in Paris University for 15 years, he writes a blog, Java le soir, delivers talks in international conferences (JaveOne, Devoxx) and european JUGs. Passionate about education, he is a Pluralsight author and a Microsoft Virtual Academy contributor. He is also a member of the JCP and expert in the JSR 365 : CDI 2.0. As a consultant he brings his expertise and capacity for analysis and synthesis to many industrial projects. He is a member of the Paris Java User Group, and has been co-organizing Devoxx France for 3 years.

(PDF) Presentation: 50 new things we can do with Java 8

Kirk Pepperdine

Kirk Pepperdine, Kodewerk Ltd

Kirk works for Kodewerk as a consultant offering Java performance-related services and training. He has developed and tuned applications written in C/C++, Smalltalk, and a variety of other languages. Kirk has written many articles and spoken at several conferences on the subject of performance tuning. He helped evolve http://www.javaperformancetuning.com as a resource for performance tuning tips and information. Recently he founded jClarity which is focused on building better performance diagnostic tooling.

(PDF) Presentation: Java 8, The Other Stuff

Mark Reinhold

Mark Reinhold, Oracle

Mark Reinhold is Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle. His past contributions to the platform include character-stream readers and writers, reference objects, shutdown hooks, the NIO high-performance I/O APIs, library generification, and service loaders. Mark was the lead engineer for the JDK 1.2 and 5.0 releases, the JCP specification lead for Java SE 6, and both the project and specification lead for JDK 7 (Java SE 7) and JDK 8 (Java SE 8). He currently leads the JDK 9 and Jigsaw projects in the OpenJDK Community, where he also serves on the Governing Board. Mark holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

(PDF) Presentation: Beyond Java 9

(PDF) Presentation: Java 9: Make Way for Modules!

Sven Anders Robbestad

Sven Anders Robbestad, Inmeta Consulting AS

Sven Anders Robbestad has been working with web technologies for over 20 years. He has vast experience with programming and scripting languages as well as SQL, NoSQL languages, web server setup, configuration and maintenance. Sven is employed at Inmeta Consulting AS as an iOS and frontend developer.

(PDF) Presentation: Reactive Programming in JavaScript

John Rose

John Rose, Oracle

JVM Architect; Da Vinci Machine Project, Project Panama, Project Valhalla. JSR 292 Specification Lead, specifying new support in the JVM standard for dynamic invocation and related facilities, such as type profiling and improved compiler optimizations. Has worked on Java(tm) technology at Sun since 1997, contributing widely to functionality and performance of the Sun/JDK stack, touching everything from hardware architecture to code generators to libraries to programming languages. Past projects include the design of Java inner classes, the initial port of HotSpot to SPARC, the Unsafe API, and various dynamic, parallel, and hybrid languages, including Common Lisp, Scheme (esh), dynamic bindings for C++.

Tutorial: Jfokus VM Tech Summit

(PDF) Presentation: JVM implementation challenges: Why the future is hard but worth it

Baruch Sadogursky

Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog

Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Developer Advocate of JFrog, the creators of Artifactory Binary Repository, the home of Bintray, and JavaOne 2011 Duke Choice Awards winner. For a living he hangs out with the JFrog tech leaders, writes some code around Artifactory and Bintray, and then speaks and blogs about all that. He does it repeatedly for the last 10 years and enjoys every moment of it. Baruch is @jbaruch on twitter and mostly blogs on http://blog.bintray.com and http://blogs.jfrog.org.

(PDF) Presentation: Everything you wanted to know about writing async, high-concurrency HTTP applications in Java, but were afraid to ask (Watch introduction video)

Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski

Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski, Plumbr

Co-founder of Plumbr, the memory leak detection product, where he now contributes as core developer. Besides his daily technical tasks he is an active blogger, JavaOne RockStar and frequent conference speaker. Prior to founding Plumbr, Nikita was a Java EE developer and performance consultant in the Baltics, and has worked with tens of different Java EE applications over the years. In the last four years he specialized in troubleshooting and performance optimization.

(PDF) Presentation: I bet you have a memory leak

Lauren Schaefer

Lauren Schaefer, IBM

Lauren Hayward Schaefer is a Growth Hacking Engineer and the Social Media Lead for IBM DevOps Services. Since joining IBM in 2009, Lauren has held a variety of roles including software developer, test automation specialist, and automation developer. She holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. Lauren is an international speaker who values authenticity and presenting her whole self. She is passionate about excellence, empowering and encouraging women, and the color pink.

(PDF) Presentation: Be Agile, Code, & Do DevOps--Completely in the Cloud!

(PDF) Hands-on Lab: Code in the cloud for the cloud!

Florian Scholz

Florian Scholz, Mozilla

Florian Scholz is a Technical Writer at Mozilla focused on open web technologies. He is a wiki gnome, tries to make sure the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is well maintained, likes to work with the community to achieve the goal of documenting the web and making it accessible to everyone. Florian is passionate about open source, he is based in Bremen, Germany, and you can find him tweeting @FloScholz.

(PDF) Presentation: What's next for JavaScript? - ECMAScript6 and beyond

Oleg Shelajev

Oleg Shelajev, ZeroTurnaround

Oleg is a Product Engineer at ZeroTurnaround working on solving developers productivity and code quality problems. He also enjoys spending time using Clojure, Github and Google Docs to make the world a better place. He is currently studying for a PhD on dynamic system updates and process migration and is a part-time teacher at the University of Tartu. As a technical writer for RebelLabs, Oleg regularly provides content for blogs and popular reports. In his free time he plays chess at a grandmaster level, loves puzzles and solving problems. He is a geek but loves to hang out with people.

(PDF) Presentation: Unlocking the Magic of Monads in Java 8

Zach Shelby

Zach Shelby, ARM

Zach Shelby is Director of Technology for Internet of Things at ARM and a thought leader for the whole industry. Zach was co-founder of Sensinode where he has acted as CEO, CTO and Chief Nerd for the ground-breaking company before recent acquisition by ARM. Before starting Sensinode, he led wireless networking research at the Centre for Wireless Communications and at the Technical Research Center of Finland. Zach is a key contributor at the IETF, OMA and ZigBee for IoT standards with contributions in 6LoWPAN, routing, web services and security related standards, and in several top international research programs. Zach is known is a pioneer in the use of IP and Web technology in low-power networks with 6LoWPAN and CoAP standards development, and is co-author of the book "6LoWPAN: The Wirel

(PDF) Keynote: The Future of IoT

Ken Sipe

Ken Sipe, Mesosphere

Ken Sipe is a Cloud Solution Architect at Mesosphere, focused on helping companies simplify the development and operation of large scale infrastructure and distributed systems with the Mesosphere Stack. Before joining Mesosphere, Ken lead research and development at CenturyLink cloud business unit focused on the future of cloud and data-center automation. Ken is an author and award winning international speaker on the practices of software architecture and engineering, continuous delivery practices and agile processes.

(PDF) Presentation: Advanced Java Unit Testing with Spock

(PDF) Tutorial: Docker at Production Scale Tutorial

Daniel Spiewak

Daniel Spiewak, RichRelevance

Daniel Spiewak is a software developer based out of Boulder, CO. Over the years, he has worked with Java, Scala, Ruby, C/C++, ML, Clojure and several experimental languages. He currently spends most of his free time researching parser theory and methodologies, particularly areas where the field intersects with functional language design, domain-specific languages and type theory.

(PDF) Presentation: Scalaz Stream: Reactive Without the Buzzwords

(PDF) Presentation: Selfish Purity: How Functional Programming Makes Every-Day Jobs Easier

Petra Sundström

Petra Sundström, Husqvarna Group

Over the last decade Petra Sundström has arrived at being a leading researcher both in Sweden and Internationally on the topics of IoT, mobility and user-centered design. As Researcher, Research Leader and Manager Petra has worked at SICS, The Mobile Life Centre, Salzburg University and Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. Petra is now leading the Connectivity Hub at Husqvarna Group setting the strategies, standards and organization plans for the transfer into a world of IoT and connected tools, products and services.

Presentation: Husqvarna Group Connects

David Syer

David Syer, Pivotal

Dr. David Syer is an experienced, delivery-focused architect and development manager. He has designed and built successful enterprise software solutions using Spring, and implemented them in major financial institutions worldwide. David is known for his clear and informative training style and has deep knowledge and experience with all aspects of real-life usage of the Spring framework.

(PDF) Tutorial: "Bootiful" Applications with Spring Boot

(PDF) Presentation: Building Microservices with Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS

BOF: the Spring BOF

Attila Szegedi

Attila Szegedi, Oracle

Attila Szegedi is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle, working on dynamic language features on the Java platform and the Nashorn JavaScript runtime for the JVM. Before joining Oracle, Attila worked as a Staff Engineer in Twitter?s Runtime Systems group, mostly on JVM performance tuning at scale. Attila is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has been recognized twice as a JavaOne Rock Star. He is also known for his work on several Open Source projects, most notably he is a contributor to Mozilla Rhino, an earlier JavaScript runtime for the JVM, a contributor to Kiji, Twitter?s server-optimized Ruby runtime, the author of Dynalink, the dynamic linker framework for languages on the JVM, as well as one of the main developers of the FreeMarker templating language.

Tutorial: Jfokus VM Tech Summit

(PDF) Presentation: Nashorn: Implementing a dynamic language runtime on JVM in 2015

Niklas Therning

Niklas Therning, RoboVM / Trillian Mobile AB

Niklas Therning is the founder of the RoboVM open-source project and head geek at Trillian Mobile AB. He has made it his mission to bring Java and other JVM languages to iOS and do it properly. Before starting RoboVM Niklas created the SpamDrain anti-spam service, where he did everything and anything, including Java/Scala/Web development, Linux system administration and customer support. Niklas has been presenting on RoboVM at conferences such as Oracle's JavaOne, JFokus and Devoxx.

(PDF) Presentation: The return of Java on the Mobile Client

Raoul-Gabriel Urma

Raoul-Gabriel Urma, University of Cambridge

Raoul-Gabriel Urma is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. He is co-author of the book Java 8 in Action: lambdas, streams, and functional-style programming published by Manning. In addition, Raoul has written over 10 peer-reviewed articles, delivered over 20 technical talks at international conferences and is a professional Java trainer. He has worked for large companies such as Google, eBay, Oracle, and Goldman Sachs, as well as for several startup projects. Raoul is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Tutorial: Java 8: the Java you've always wanted

(PDF) Presentation: Pragmatic Functional Refactoring with Java 8

Heather VanCura

Heather VanCura, Java Community Process

Heather VanCura manages the JCP Program Office and is responsible for the day-to-day nurturing, support, and leadership of the community. She oversees the JCP.org web site, JSR management and posting, community building, events, marketing, communications, and growth of the membership through new members and renewals. Heather has a front row seat for studying trends within the community and recommending changes. Several changes to the program in recent years have included enabling broader participation, increased transparency and agility in JSR development.

(PDF) Quickie: JCP, Adopt-a-JSR & You

Johan Vos

Johan Vos, LodgON

Johan Vos started to work with Java in 1995. He was part of the Blackdown team helping port Java to Linux. With LodgON, the company he co-founded, he is mainly working on Java based solutions for social networking software. Because he can't make a choice between embedded development and enterprise development, his main focus is on end-to-end Java, combining the strengths of back-end systems and embedded devices. His favourite technologies are currently Java EE / Glassfish at the backend and JavaFX at the front-end. Johan is a Java Champion, a member of the BeJUG steering group and he is a JCP member. You can read his blog at http://blogs.lodgon.com/johan and follow his tweets at http://twitter.com/johanvos

(PDF) Presentation: The return of Java on the Mobile Client

Mandy Waite

Mandy Waite, Google

Mandy Waite is a Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform and is based out of the UK. Mandy is working to make life easier for developers building scalable, performant and reliable applications as well as to inspire them to fully embrace the Cloud and the new way of thinking that it offers. In her spare time she is learning Japanese and has the ultimate ambition to work in Japan.

Presentation: Building responsive Web apps with Go, Polymer and Google Cloud Platform

Richard Warburton

Richard Warburton, Monotonic Ltd

Richard is an empirical technologist and solver of deep-dive technical problems. Recently he has written a book on Java 8 Lambdas for O'Reilly and is running java8training.com. He's worked as a developer in many areas including Statistical Analytics, Static Analysis, Compilers and Network Protocols. He is a leader in the London Java Community and runs Openjdk Hackdays. Richard is also a known conference speaker, having talked at Devoxx, JavaOne, Jfokus, Devoxx UK, Geecon, Oredev, JAX London and Codemotion. He has obtained a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Warwick.

Tutorial: Java 8: the Java you've always wanted

(PDF) Presentation: Pragmatic Functional Refactoring with Java 8

Klara Ward

Klara Ward, Oracle

Klara is a senior developer in the Java Mission Control team at Oracle, coding GUIs and hacking the build system. She has been working with Java/JRockit Mission Control and the JRockit JVM since 2002. If you ask a question on the Mission Control forum, chances are Klara will give you an answer. You can also get hold of her on twitter to get the crochet pattern for the JDuchess mascot.

(PDF) Hands-on Lab: Java Flight Recorder Lab

James Weaver

James Weaver, Oracle

James Weaver is a Java developer, author, and speaker with a passion for helping Java to be increasingly leveraged in rich-client applications and the Internet of Things (IoT). James has written books including Inside Java, Beginning J2EE, and the Pro JavaFX series. As an Oracle Java Technology Ambassador, James speaks internationally at software technology conferences about Java, JavaFX, and IoT. James tweets as @JavaFXpert, blogs at http://JavaFXpert.com and may be reached at james.weaver AT oracle.com

(PDF) Presentation: Creating Our Robot Overlords: Autonomous Drone Development


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